We try to keep your and our ecological footprint as small as possible. To this end, we have renovated and improved our house with sustainable materials, but we have also made a number of other choices that contribute to this, some of which are listed below.
 Green Key logo
Thanks to these efforts, we are proud to have been awarded the Green Key certificate for sustainable tourism from 2016 onwards (see for more information about this label). Strict requirements are set and an audit is performed regularly to check whether those requirements are met. La Petite Roer has achieved a large number of bonus points against the minimum requirements. We will continue to work to maintain that high level!

De zonnepanelen van La Petite RoerEcological approach

We have a large solar panel installation in our yard and a smaller one on the roof of our Wild Cat Cottage. The additional electricity that we purchase from the grid is 100% green Belgian electricity. Almost all lamps in the house and in the cottage have been fitted with LED.
Most toilets in La Petite Roer are flushed with groundwater, only two (one in La Petite Roer and Wild Cat's toilet) run on tap water.
We have installed watersaving shower heads, plinth water heaters in both kitchens and regulators on the tap spouts. Measures that are not at the expense of the comfort of our guests, we even regularly receive compliments about the wonderful rain showers! But they do benefit the environment through reduced consumption of water and electricity. In the future, we want to invest even more in energy- and water-saving solutions.
We separate all waste and transport it separately to the local container park. Suitable kitchen waste goes to the chickens or is composted. We look for a new destination for things that are still good, but that we no longer need.

Double-green groceries

We both bought an e-bike as well as trailers for these. The intention is to regularly go for messages by bike (and hopefully that will also have a positive influence on our fitness :-) )
Where possible, we use organic products: foodstuffs, cleaning products and washing and dishwashing liquid. The hand soap and shower gel that you will find in your bathroom is also organic. Everything comes in large packaging, which saves on transport and waste.
We do not have portion packs for breakfast, again to create less waste. When possible and on request, we prepare meals for guests with (as much as possible) organic ingredients, including vegetarian and vegan meals.Kippen in hun ren
Our chickens receive organic feed and the food leftovers suitable for them. They have access to a very spacious outdoor run and regularly run loose in the garden. And for several years now, we have been growing organic vegetables on a modest scale. In the short growing season of the High Fens (6 weeks shorter than in the rest of Belgium and the Netherlands!), many of the vegetables we serve are from our own organic cultivation. In our garden we try to create favorable conditions for insects and birds and we regularly plant one or more trees.
Our towels are made of certified organic cotton and a large part of the sheets and duvet covers are also made of organic cotton. We also use FSC certified or washable organic cotton napkins.

We recently purchased two waste grabs, which we regularly take with us on our walks. In this way we contribute to keeping the High Fens clean. The grabs are also intended for use by guests, of course we also provide a waste bag and take care of the disposal of the collected waste.


Since the beginning of 2022, our website has been hosted by an ecological hosting provider, Greengeeks, a leading sustainable web host. Web hosting consumes a lot of electricity, worldwide the CO2 emissions of data centers are already equal to those of aviation and they are increasing at a frightening pace! That's why we thought it was important that our web host uses green, renewable energy.

In the future, we want to run La Petite Roer in an increasingly sustainable way, without compromising the comfort and well-being of our guests.And the nice thing is that sometimes guests get so excited that they also want to do certain things differently at home. And we get ideas for improvements from our guests.
To be continued...